When a breaking news story goes out, it’s lead needs to scream out the important information so that the readers will continue reading the story. While reading different leads on the same topic i learned that you can say the same thing in many different ways. Recently we had a tragedy in Paris and many […]

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Possible Narrative Stories

There are many types of narrative stories that one can cover. One that I thought of is of someone who is retiring after being somewhere for a long time. Perhaps a principal who is retiring after working at a school for over 30 years. You can cover her starting and her way up to the […]

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Dorchester Congressman

My congressman in Dorchester is named Michael E. Capuano. This is his ninth term as a Representative in Congress for Massachusetts’ seventh District. His parents were from Brighton as well as Dorchester. Growing up in Dorchester I have lost a lot of friends and family to gun violence so I wanted to know what Congressman […]

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Citizen Journalism Today

The news that we as consumers take in every day can sometimes be bias. There are many times when we hear something on the news and doubt it’s legitimacy because of which news source the information was gathered from. Now more than ever we are able to go out and be our own reporters, reporting […]

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