Possible Narrative Stories

There are many types of narrative stories that one can cover. One that I thought of is of someone who is retiring after being somewhere for a long time. Perhaps a principal who is retiring after working at a school for over 30 years. You can cover her starting and her way up to the head of the school.

Another story you could cover is one of two people reconnecting after years of not seeing each other. I read recently of two asian women who were put up for adoption when they were young and ended up working together in the same office. After months of trying to find out if they were related it was proven that they were in fact sisters. They were both given up while very young but knew they had a sister. One could write about the process it took to find each other.

Another narrative story could be about how a community came together to support another. It is always good to go with a story that can be sympathetic towards the audience. Maybe someone in the community got in an accident or has been diagnosed with an illness and they come together for a better cause.

Please let me know if these are good examples of narrative stories if not I will re-do the assignment


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